Tuesday, April 7, 2009


You know, I realize that I am "different" (different = weird). I know that I am not your every day, ordinary, mom-type person. I relish my oddness, love my weirdness, embrace my wackiness.

But it SURE DOES do me good when I find someone out there who is WEIRDER THAN I AM!!!!

Take, for instance, this post from the website, Cute Overload. I am a massive Wizard of Oz fan, but there is someone out there who is... dare I say it... a bigger NUTCASE than I am!!!! (I especially like the commentary. hee hee)


"What, you think it’s easy to look menacing while you’re dangling from piano wire with some 300-pound Teamster at the other end? Try it sometime, pal!"

"But do people remember? No, it’s Dorothy this, and Scarecrow that, and those lousy, stinking Munchkins…"

"Oh, don’t get me started on the Munchkins. Every frickin’ day, running around the commissary singin’ ‘Ding-dong, the witch is dead,’ only they ain’t usin’ the word ‘witch,’ if you get my drift…"

"… wild parties every night in their trailer, and the next morning? Passed out drunk on the set."

"No sense of professionalism, none whatsoever. Not like us."

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  1. OMG i'm totally addicted to your blog! i can't stop giggling and laughing while reading it. brilliant! you need to write books, i'm going to be your number one fan (you know like those that get butt naked and start running on the field during the football game) lol