Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please bow your heads for a moment of silence...

...for our zucchini plant. :(

Poor zucchini plant, we hardly knew ye.

Perhaps I tempted the Gardening Gods by proclaiming how many wonderful veggies we would harvest from you.

Or maybe the local insects ganged together to wreak revenge on me for the murder of their compatriots.
Either way, it's passed on. The zucchini is no more. It has ceased to be. It is expired and has gone to meet its maker. It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If we hadn't nailed it to the perch....


wrong sketch! :D

"I wish to complain about this parrot..."

80's Movies that our kids just HAVE to see

While we were on vacation, my sister and I started talking about movies.

Having seemingly worn out all the DVDs of recent kid movies, she was trying to think of movies that we enjoyed when we were younger, that our kids might like.

"Funny you should say that!" I said. "We just bought a 2-pack of DVDs at Wally World because one of the movies was Space Camp! We made DD watch it and she actually enjoyed it."

Funny how I had completely forgotten that Kelly Preston was in this movie.
And Kate Capshaw was a brunette!
Tate Donovan ended up voicing Hercules, and I had no idea that Max was played by Joaquin Phoenix.
Dan pointed out that one of the guys in Mission Control was John Locke from LOST... with HAIR!
Wowser. :)

That made me wonder... what other 80's movies are out that there our kids absolutely must see? I came up with a short list (heavy on the SciFi/Fantasy side, 'cause, hey, we're geeks):

Goonies -- got it, although I can't believe the amount of cursing in that movie
Short Circuit -- got it (sexual innuendo notwithstanding)
Back to the Future Trilogy -- No brainer. Got it.

What other kid appropriate 80's movies can you think of? Post a comment, if you want to share! :)


Friday, July 25, 2008


Our garden is looking quite the worse for wear because of our vacation.

We looked at the forecast before we left. Weatherman said: Tuesday - thunderstorms, Wednesday - thunderstorms, Thursday - thunderstorms. Ok, we don't have to worry about having someone else water the garden, then. Right?

WAY wrong.

Apparently, that's why they call it weather prediction and not weather certainty. Not one drop of rain fell in our hometown the entire time we were gone. Ten days of scorching heat and no water. Ugh.

Needless to say, we returned to a sad little garden. We lost three bean plants, one of our two cucumber plants (and the other one ain't lookin' so hot) and we might lose the big zucchini plant. That amounts to about 1/4 of our plants!

Ok, so picture this. Dan goes out to look at the garden every day when he gets home from work. I stay in the house and wait for him to return with his patented "FORECAST OF WOE" (tm). Honestly, when it comes to this garden, he is SUCH a "glass half empty" man. "We're going to lose those bean plants." "Those tomatoes aren't going to make it." If the plants he said were doomed to die actually did, we wouldn't have anything in the garden except ants!

Yesterday he came home from work, and I said, "Ok, better go outside and get your FORECAST OF WOE (tm) over with." He was out there so long that I finally went out to see what was going on. He was just standing in the garden with a gloomy look on his face. (Harbinger of said FORECAST OF WOE.)

I sat down on the steps and he came over to join me. We talked about the poor garden. We talked about our crummy soil. We talked about our friend Phil, who is apparently putting up so many veggies that he can't keep up with it all. We talked about the FOW.

And while we were sitting there, God sent us a sign.

A dust devil formed. RIGHT OVER OUR GARDEN! And suddenly, there we were, sitting on our steps, watching our bean plants get SUCKED RIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND!!!!!

It has to rate right up there in the top ten craziest things I have ever seen

I mean, it was a lovely day, the sun was shining, we sat there on the steps bemoaning our bad garden mojo, when some of the dead leaves started to swirl around.
More leaves joined them.
The leaves flew up in a spiral and went about 20 feet in the air.
The bean plants started to sway.
The bean plants started whipping around in circles.
Three of them actually rose up and pulled their roots out of the dirt.
And then, as quickly as it started, it stopped.

Dan and I just sat there in disbelief. Turned to each other. "Did you see that?" Went to inspect the damage.

We had to replant three plants and tried to prop up some of the others which were bent at strange angles. The FOW for the beans isn't good. Of course.

But I tell ya, if we hadn't both seen it with our own eyes, we never would have believed it. Dan would have gone out to the garden, found the bean plants uprooted, and would have had an absolute FIT.

Was this God's way of telling us something? A great big cosmic Smack-upside-the-head? "Hey, guys, give it up already!" I don't know.

I only know that the FOW will continue, but maybe it will be tempered with a little humor.



Oh my word... I haven't laughed this hard in a long long LONG time.

Spotted on a crazy tshirt website:

Dan and DD just looked at me while I roared with laughter. Ah well. Whatever floats your boat, right? :D

"what happens in Rumspringa...." snort.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

AP Exam Results! Oooooooooo.....

We're baaaaaaack! :)

When our "held" mail was delivered, the envelope containing the results for DD's AP World History exam was waiting. She started shaking when she realized what she was holding. She opened it, drew out the single piece of paper, and.....

She got a 4! Yippee! She was absolutely thrilled. She needed a 3 or a 4 to have the course count as college credit. She thought she had only gotten a 3, so to see a 4 was icing on the cake.

We're so proud of her! :D


Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry I've been away!

And I'll be away again!

Gosh, July is such a crazazy month (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.) I hope you are all enjoying the hot weather!

We've been eating out of the garden more and more. Had some cucumbers, green beans, green tomatoes and more zucchini recently. The pepper plant is just looking at me sideways, so I'm not sure if we'll have any luck with that this year. The lettuce is growing, and I've been picking off little leaves here and there, but it's definitely not salad ready yet! And we even pulled out a carrot to see how large they are -- the verdict? Not large enough, but tasty! Alex, Dan and I each had about two bites of the one we pulled up. Yum!

I've got to run to work, but I wanted to update this so everyone knows that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been away from my computer!

I hope to update again in a few weeks. Have patience, and you'll hear from me again! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Photo Inspired by Cowtown Stacy!

Cowtown Stacy is one of the fabulous ladies who frequent the scrapping board I read on a daily (more like hourly) basis. Stacy is kind of a celebrity on the board, if there can be such a thing! She's funny, talented, smart, witty, and did I mention talented? O_O

Anyway, Stacy has been losing weight and documenting the process on her blog. One of the cool things she has done has been to show her weight loss in an equivalent amount of groceries. It really hits home to see someone holding two huge sacks of potatoes and realize that those two sacks of potatoes were once ON said person! ;)

Like Stacy, I have been quietly going through my own weight loss journey. Last July 4th, I made a decision that I had to get healthy -- for me and for my family. I wanted to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own. Slowly, I changed my eating habits. Slowly, I exercised more. Slowly, I have felt things change.
Today, it's official. As of this morning, I have lost.....

drumroll please....


And now, in my homage to Cowtown Stacy, here is a photo taken in the grocery store --

Me, with 25 pounds of beef. I can't believe that THAT was sitting in ME! YUUCH! :p
I'm so glad its gone. I don't ever plan to weigh that much ever again. You have my word on it.

Don't I look happy? :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sadie Bubbelah Story

Sadie, our faithful dog, is a bagel fiend. LURVES her some bagels. If someone in the family has a bagel for breakfast, Sadie is sittingrightthere. Usually on their toes.

The scene on our deck this morning:

Dan has a toasted bagel with butter. Guess where Sadie is.

Me being me, I start riffing on Sadie.

So, Sadie, were you a little Jewish woman in a previous life?
You were Sadie Rabinowitz, weren't you?

Dan looks at me.

Now I'm using a cigarette voice with a NEWYAWK accent....

Oy, her name is Sadie Rabinowitz.
She has a husband named Morty.
They live on the Upper East Side.
She has three kids, who never call.

At this point, Dan's eyebrows shoot up.

I fall over from the laughing. :D