Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blogging -- a Challenge

So, I am a member of an awesome online community of scrapbookers. These ladies are smart, funny, wicked, and inspiring. I love 'em! This morning one of them asked, "What's the deal with blogs? Why have one?" Seriously, I've been thinking this exact same thing.

One of the ladies had a great response. She said that she uses her blog to keep her family, which is strewn out across this great land of ours, up to date. "Hmmmm...." thinks I. "That's a great idea!"

Thanks to her, you are now reading this. I'll email you her address if you would like to go visit her and beat her up. :D

"What's the Challenge?" you ask. The Challenge is for me -- to update this frequently enough that the family is happy, but not so frequently that it's annoying. (Considering the fact that I've tried this once before, and failed miserably, I'm not holding out much hope. I'll try, though! A girl's gotta dream, right?)

Here endeth entry number one. May it not be the ONLY entry!

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