Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Visitor

Dan almost fell over backwards as he was coming into the house from work this evening. Here's why:

Isn't it CUTE???

It's a Little Brown Bat, I believe. It's just hanging upside down, right by the front door. I keep peeking out the kitchen window to check on it. When I went outside to take this photo, it glanced over at me as if to say, "Do you MIND?" :D

I hope he hangs around -- we need someone to eat all the stinkin' bugs! ;)


  1. Cute? Hmmmm....kittens are cute.

  2. ooohhhhhhh, Very cute.!
    Cuter than the nesting birds on the porch.
    Cuter than Louis even.
    (just don't tell Michael)

  3. cute, perhaps, but what about sadie? you probably don't want to let her out with a bat hanging around, right?