Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bob Barker would PLOTZ

I love my dog. I do. She's sweet, smart, listens well (most of the time). I love her.

That being said, some days I look at her and think, "What the ????"

For example, recently she has decided that boy doggies have all the fun when it comes to marking their territory and she wants in on the action. Instead of doing the usual "girl doggie squat," she leans up against the desired target and "marks" it that way. ooooooookay.

Then she decided that the neighborhood's daylilies have been ignored too long, and she started marking them, as well. ooooooookay.

This morning topped it all.

We were walking when suddenly she stopped short at a mailbox with some daylilies around it. She backed up to the daylilies. I thought, "Great, here she goes again." As I stood there waiting, I realized that I wasn't hearing the usual, erm, sounds. Instead, I heard what sounded like, "Thump... rustlerustlerustle. Thump... rustlerustlerustle."


That's when I realized that she wasn't peeing on the daylilies. She was pooping on them instead! Since the lilies were rather large and entangled, the little "deposits," if you will, would hit a stalk ("thump") and then slowly fall, bouncing off other stalks and leaves along the way ("rustlerustlerustle"). Oddly enough, the way it fell made me think of Plinko, that game on The Price is Right. You know the one -- drop the puck and it bounces from peg to peg until it lands in one of the money slots on the bottom.

This was Sadie's version. "Poop Plinko."

Bob Barker would plotz if he knew.


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