Monday, June 23, 2008

Kitchen Transformation

What with all the craziness we had going on this past week, you'd think that we would try to take it easy on our down time.


Dearest DH, in a fit of pique, "accidentally" put his foot through the wall in the kitchen.

Now, granted, we had been planning to paint the kitchen anyway, but this was truly NOT the best time to do it!

Ah, well.

Here's a really poor photo of the kitchen, taken right after we started cutting in. I forgot to take a true "Before" photo. Sorry!

Dan asked for yellow. Something bright and sunny. Okay. I chose the color, so the results are completely my fault. It definitely is bright and sunny, but it might be just a smidgen TOO bright and sunny! O_O

The first photo is actually closer to the true brightness than the second one. It's YELLOW!

Do you know what, though? It reminds me of my Oma Schantz's kitchen. Hers was bright yellow, too. And that's ok. :)


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