Thursday, October 30, 2008

The ongoing Saga of Stashie...

I tell ya, there's nothing like having animals around to liven up your life. :)

Things have been a little crazy here. So, when I need a laugh, I just have to look to the four-footed furbabies and I'm sure to be laughing in no time flat.

For example...

Stash has decided that he is our non-electric alarm clock. And normally, that would be fine, except that Stash's alarm setting keeps moving back by five minute increments.

First, he was jumping on the bed at 5:50 or so. Granted, we usually sleep until 6:00, but DH and I have learned to deal with missing out on sleep.

The first morning, it was amusing. Stash jumped on the bed. We tossed him off. He jumped on the table that's next to the window and proceeded to bang on the blinds. We chased him off. He jumped on the bed again. We chased him off and shut the door. He sat outside and clawed at the carpet under the door edge and made little "huffing" noises. I opened the door and gave up.

Well, the next morning, 5:55 turned to 5:50. Fairly same routine, with the addition of Sadie coming in to see if the cat was about to get in trouble. 'Cause you know she loves it when he gets in trouble. "Punish him! Punish him!" she thinks.

Morning after that, 5:45. Hmmm.... I don't like the direction this is headed.

Yesterday morning, 5:30. DH is now officially NOT AMUSED. Sadie is THRILLED. "PUNISH HIM! PUNISH HIM!" Stash sees DH's face and high-tails it.

"When are you going to teach this cat to cut that out?" says DH. "You have two options: he learns, or..."

"Hmph." says me.

Last night, we got in bed and Stash tried to get in with us. I had just dozed off when "thump" there he was, jumping on the bed. Well, being all loopy from having been woken up from a dream, all I could think of was "GET HIM OFF THE BED!" I picked Stash up and dropped him off my side of the bed....

...right on top of SADIE, who was lying on the floor!


There was a HISSSSSS! Followed by a HISSSSS! and a dog jumping and a cat snarling...

"Make this work to your advantage!" said my sleep addled little brain to me, and I did the only natural thing.


Stash's eyes turned into dinner plates and he beat feet!

Didn't see him until we got out of bed at 6:00 this morning.

I wouldn't normally recommend this as a teaching method, but hey, if it worked, I ain't complainin'! :D


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