Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Terrific Tuesday Tunes

You know, if you line up all of my "Terrific Tuesday Tunes" and look at them, you get a pretty good picture of the influences that make me, well... me! :D

Walking the dog today and this song literally popped into my head. Okay, as the kids would say, "RANDOM!"

Did my traditional YouTube search and found a Tiny Toons music video of the song. I love it!

What does that say about me? I have massive quantities of random trivia stuffed into my head: check. I love cartoons (Looney Tunes mostly, but Tiny Toons will do in a pinch): check. My brain does all kinds of weird things when I'm not looking: CHECK! :)

Anyway, enjoy today's toon... er, tune. Heh.

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