Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sadie Bubbelah Story

Sadie, our faithful dog, is a bagel fiend. LURVES her some bagels. If someone in the family has a bagel for breakfast, Sadie is sittingrightthere. Usually on their toes.

The scene on our deck this morning:

Dan has a toasted bagel with butter. Guess where Sadie is.

Me being me, I start riffing on Sadie.

So, Sadie, were you a little Jewish woman in a previous life?
You were Sadie Rabinowitz, weren't you?

Dan looks at me.

Now I'm using a cigarette voice with a NEWYAWK accent....

Oy, her name is Sadie Rabinowitz.
She has a husband named Morty.
They live on the Upper East Side.
She has three kids, who never call.

At this point, Dan's eyebrows shoot up.

I fall over from the laughing. :D


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