Wednesday, July 30, 2008

80's Movies that our kids just HAVE to see

While we were on vacation, my sister and I started talking about movies.

Having seemingly worn out all the DVDs of recent kid movies, she was trying to think of movies that we enjoyed when we were younger, that our kids might like.

"Funny you should say that!" I said. "We just bought a 2-pack of DVDs at Wally World because one of the movies was Space Camp! We made DD watch it and she actually enjoyed it."

Funny how I had completely forgotten that Kelly Preston was in this movie.
And Kate Capshaw was a brunette!
Tate Donovan ended up voicing Hercules, and I had no idea that Max was played by Joaquin Phoenix.
Dan pointed out that one of the guys in Mission Control was John Locke from LOST... with HAIR!
Wowser. :)

That made me wonder... what other 80's movies are out that there our kids absolutely must see? I came up with a short list (heavy on the SciFi/Fantasy side, 'cause, hey, we're geeks):

Goonies -- got it, although I can't believe the amount of cursing in that movie
Short Circuit -- got it (sexual innuendo notwithstanding)
Back to the Future Trilogy -- No brainer. Got it.

What other kid appropriate 80's movies can you think of? Post a comment, if you want to share! :)



  1. Now I need to add this movie to my Netflix list!

    Oh, this is a good thread to start on SS!! I would love some great movie suggetions.

    Some movies I remember, but not sure if it's kid material:

    Weird Science

    OH...what's that one where Michael J Fox turns into a werewolf?

    ~keesher on SS

  2. Teen Wolf! Oooo, I'll have to look that one up. Thanks! :)


  3. The Wizard and Flight of the Navigator!