Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Photo Inspired by Cowtown Stacy!

Cowtown Stacy is one of the fabulous ladies who frequent the scrapping board I read on a daily (more like hourly) basis. Stacy is kind of a celebrity on the board, if there can be such a thing! She's funny, talented, smart, witty, and did I mention talented? O_O

Anyway, Stacy has been losing weight and documenting the process on her blog. One of the cool things she has done has been to show her weight loss in an equivalent amount of groceries. It really hits home to see someone holding two huge sacks of potatoes and realize that those two sacks of potatoes were once ON said person! ;)

Like Stacy, I have been quietly going through my own weight loss journey. Last July 4th, I made a decision that I had to get healthy -- for me and for my family. I wanted to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own. Slowly, I changed my eating habits. Slowly, I exercised more. Slowly, I have felt things change.
Today, it's official. As of this morning, I have lost.....

drumroll please....


And now, in my homage to Cowtown Stacy, here is a photo taken in the grocery store --

Me, with 25 pounds of beef. I can't believe that THAT was sitting in ME! YUUCH! :p
I'm so glad its gone. I don't ever plan to weigh that much ever again. You have my word on it.

Don't I look happy? :)


  1. You look fantastic!! Good for you :)

  2. Congratulations! YOu look fantastic!

  3. Great shot! Congrats on the weight loss!

  4. Hey!! That's a lot of beef!! I love that you took a photo. I'm taking my 3-month photo this weekend! :)
    Congratulations on your weight loss. You look wonderful! :)

  5. Wow! That is quite a visual aide. Way to go!!!!

  6. Congrats! You look great and wow - holding all that beef really puts it in perspective!