Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok, is there something that just makes you smile, no matter how stupid/juvenile/plain goofy it is?

For my mom, it's bubbles. Regular ol' dime store bubbles. (Sorry to let your secret out, Mom!) She will buy bubbles on the pretext that "they're for the grandkids," but let's face it. The bubbles are for her. If the kids join in, well, that's just gravy. :D

Here's my little secret... I love glow sticks. LURVE them. I grin like a banana eatin' monkey every time I have one!

I love not knowing exactly what color it's going to be...

I love that crackle noise that they make when you activate them....

I love how they look as bracelets, necklaces, anklets, tiaras....

I love the purple ones...

I love the green ones...

Ahhhhhh, glow sticks.

We had a few in the house (Who doesn't? What? You don't? What are you, weird???) and, of course, I had to play with them last night.

Activated two of them (one green, one purple), stuck them in my ears and went off to find DH.

"All bow to me, High Holy Queen of the Glowy Sticks!" I cried.

"Oooooookay..." said DH.

Off to find DD....

"All bow to me, High Holy Queen of the Glowy Sticks!" I cried.

"Ooooooookay..." said DD.

DS was asleep. Darn.

That's ok. I paraded around the darkened house for a few more minutes, my happy glowy sticks lighting my way. Oh, and I had to go through the doorways sideways, because the glow sticks stuck out too far on either side of my head for me to go straight through.

hee hee.

"All Hail!"


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