Friday, August 22, 2008

Can Michael Phelps do THIS? I think not.

Oy, wacky dreams again! You know you've been watching the Olympics waaaaaaaay too much when you start dreaming about them. *sigh*

In this dream, I'm watching a swimming competition. It seems as though I'm actually at the Swim Cube in Beijing.

...pause here for PSA...
(...pronounced Bay-Jing, not Bay-zhing. Ask the Two Chinese Characters! Here's a link: )
...PSA over. Back to your regularly scheduled blog post...

In the dream, the next competition is the backstroke, but unlike any backstroke you've ever seen.

The participants are all at the starting line... sitting in chairs. Wood and brocade covered chairs. Kinda like this one:

Yup, that's about right.

The swimmers are seated, in said brocade covered chairs, with their backs to the water. The legs of all the chairs have ropes tied around them.

"What do the ropes attach to?" you may ask.
"Guess." I may reply.


Ok, no. Nice try, though.

The ropes are all attached to.... a SPEED BOAT! That is IN THE POOL.

At the buzzer, the speed boat takes off at a zillion miles an hour, pulling all the chairs behind it... and the swimmers, too.

(How long is this pool, really? I mean, a Speed Boat?)

"Where does the backstroke come in?" you query.
I'm about to tell you.

Once the chairs are in the pool, the ropes release. Now the swimmers have to start swimming the backstroke, while burdened with these heavy brocade chairs.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

After a few moments of arm flailing, splashing and general drowning, my dream faded into something else.

Can anyone explain this one to me? O_O


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