Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you can? I can!

What with all the veggies we are getting from our mini Victory garden, DH and I put our minds to canning. Never done it before, never seen it done, but the spirit of Laura Ingalls implored me to give it a whirl!

Off we went to the Kitchen Korner for supplies.

GIGANTO canning pot...
Jar lifter thingy...
Jars and lids...
Courage -- nah, they were fresh out. :(

Then it was to off to Barnes and Noble for a book to tell us how to actually work all the gadgets. Cain't git by without some book learnin', y'know!

Back home, armed with our goodies, and we jumped in with all four feet (two for me and two for DH).

Our friend Phil gave us some banana peppers, so I decided to try to pickle them. We also decided to make some relatively plain tomato sauce.

5 little half pints of stuff later, it was time for canning. And we did it! The little lids stayed down ("if button is up, seal has been broken") and they look ok.

We plan to eat some of the sauce soon. If we all end up at the E/R with botulism, I'll link the newstory here. :)

Keep your fingers crossed!


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