Sunday, August 31, 2008

Down Came the Rain


Normally, I love rain. I don't even mind being out in it without an umbrella. It's just water, and I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West -- I won't melt (despite my children's protestations to the contrary.)


Rain at a football game is something else entirely.

Start time for the game Friday night was supposed to be 7:30. The kids were at the school at 5:30 for last minute band practice. We got to the stadium around 6:15 in order to get good seats. And the drizzle started at about 6:30.


Then the lightning started. Granted, it was pretty far away, but still. Game time now? Pushed back to 8:00 "due to threat of lightning."

An hour and a half in the rain and the game hasn't even started yet.


The band arrived and my friend Lori's cell phone rang. It was her son, telling her, "Well, we're in the buses, but they might not let us out to play. We might be turning around and going back to the school."

An hour and a half in the rain and we might not even get to see the kids perform?

*BIG sigh*

Finally, the band director decided to let them play, but they couldn't march across the field to start the game -- too slippery. Instead, they came in the stadium through the stands, and then out onto the field... carefully.

The opening procession was very nice and the kids sounded wonderful.

Back into the stands to play pep songs and wait for half time.

Still raining.

*drippy sigh*

Finally, half time.

New drill positions, new progressions, the kids looked great (except when one piccolo player almost took out one horn player, but hey, it's the first game!) And they played well, despite having to deal with rain in their eyes, on their instruments, making everything slippery.

(See the umbrellas?)

We beat feet right after halftime, as did the band.

Great job, kids, and the football team even won! 23-14. Woot!


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