Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Budding Photographer

Alex went to Shaker Village with his class today. He brought along his brand new camera and took these photos. Honestly, I am blown away! Not bad for a 9-year-old! O_O

The spiral staircase is in the building where they ate lunch. He was really impressed with the food -- said it was "DElicious!" He is obviously his father's son, 'cause they had roast turkey with gravy, baked potatoes, stuffing and yeast rolls, and he loved every bit of it (except the stuffing, which he said tasted "funny").

The horse is one of the draft horses they use for hauling and farming. I used to ride a Percheron named Arthur who had retired from working there. Love those Drafts!

The landscape is through the bus window. Not bad! He said, "Yeah, but there was a smudge on the window, and you can see it juuuuuust there....."

Alex was amazed by the way the goat turned and looked at him right before he took the photo. He said, "It was adorable!" :)

He had a wonderful time, and they were all lucky because the rain held off until they returned to school.

Looks like it's time to take the family there for a day trip!

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