Saturday, May 10, 2008


Farming is for the BIRDS! Actually, its for the BUGS! ....Something is eating our SPROUTIES!

Dagnabbit.... our little bean plants (all six of them) are barely seven days old, and already something ate the leaves off all but one of them. :( We don't know if they'll survive!

Yesterday morning, I went out to check on our sprouties and found that one had been denuded. "Ack!" thought I. "Better look on the other plants!" I found one little caterpillar on one plant and promptly squished him/her/it. I didn't see anything on any of the other plants. "Good, I caught the perpetrator and put an end to this period of decimation," thinks I in my best Law&Order mental voice. :D


I went to go work with my pal Mary, and when I came back in the afternoon, I decided to look at the garden. OMFSM! Five more denuded sprouties!

As I stated in the title of this post: GAH!

Mary recommended a spritzing of a lovely cocktail made of water/Dawn dishwashing liquid/Tabasco sauce. So I sent Dan on an errand to fetch Tabasco sauce. (You'd think I would have some on hand, considering how we love spicy food in this house, but no.) Mixed up the cocktail and spritzed EVERYTHING.

I haven't checked the garden this morning, yet. I'm almost afraid to.

Wish us luck!

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